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April 29, 2019

Background of Domino’s Pizza Malaysia

Domino’s Pizza has grown significantly since we began operations in Malaysia in 1997.  From opening a single store in USJ with a headcount of 15 staff, the pizza chain today has 240 stores nationwide.

The company have experienced solid growth, especially in the past few years with the opening of the 50th store in January 2011, 100th store in December 2012, 150th store in March 2016, 200th store in April 2017 and we now have 240 stores across the nation.

Domino’s Pizza Malaysia is currently the 5th largest market in Asia Pacific and ranked the 15th largest market in the world.

Over the years, Domino’s CSR efforts continue to grow in tandem with its business presence. These include community efforts of which it operates in, school programmes and its commitment to road safety.

Domino’s Pizza in Sabah

In September 2018, Domino’s first began operations in Sabah.
To date, there are six Domino’s stores in Sabah:

🏢 Domino’s Riverson
🏢 Domino’s Bundusan
🏢 Domino’s Inanam
🏢 Domino’s ITCC Mall
🏢 Domino’s D Sulaman
🏢 Domino’s Tuaran

RM10 Express Card Promotion

Regularly priced at RM56.60, customers can save over 80% with the RM10 Express Card promotion. The Express Card Promotion at RM10 is available until 29 April 2019.
With the Express Card, customers get to enjoy VIP benefits all year round, including:

☑️Buy 1 free 1 pizza deals
☑️Buy 1 free 1 on selected sides
☑️Birthday treat
☑️Exclusive monthly offers
☑️50% off for Regular, Large and Xtra Large a la carte pizzas, terms apply

Upon activation of the Express Card online, customers will receive free 1 Regular Pizza.

Domino’s Favorites

🍕Spicy Sambal Pizza
Our Spicy Sambal Pizza is a unique Malaysian-inspired creation which has proven to be a huge hit. 
Malaysians truly enjoy the flavourful topping of shredded chicken, lip-smacking anchovies, fiery red chillies, fresh green peppers and onions.

🍕Banana Kaya Pizza
This dessert is truly a Malaysian Delight and caters to local taste buds while featuring a unique Domino’s Pizza twist. 
It is oven-baked with fresh banana slices and sweet pandan kaya, topped with cheese and sprinkled with icing sugar.
Given that Kaya is a famous local snack and banana is a favourite fruit among locals, Domino’s came up with the idea of combining these two delicious tastes by them fusing these in a pizza.

Domino’s Best Sellers

🍕Aloha Chicken
Topped with 100% mozzarella cheese topped with succulent, shredded chicken meat finished off with a generous amount of juicy pineapples.

🍕Beef Pepperoni
The all-time favorite with generous portions of halal, skinless, boneless beef pepperoni, well balanced flavors with spices and garlic for a hint of heat and 100% mozzarella cheese. 

🍕Classified Chicken Pizza
Topped with succulent creamy white shredded chicken, sliced fresh mushrooms, 100% mozzarella cheese and top secret sauce which provides an aromatic blend of creamy, cheesy flavours with a distinctive garlic zest.

Our Food & USP

Domino’s Pizza continues to strive towards delivering quality service and products while embracing technology driven platforms as we progress into the next phase of growth in Malaysia.

Domino’s provides convenience for its customers where orders can be made via multiple platforms. Customers can opt to call Domino’s at 1-300-888-333 or log on to its website at for online orders.

Domino’s Pizza Malaysia’s online ordering platform is ranked #1 for its online speed of service in the QSR industry.
Online orders can be made seven days prior through a variety of available payment options such as cash, Domino’s debit, and credit cards.

Alternatively, customers can also head over to their nearest Domino’s outlet to place their orders over the counter.
Up-to-date information on offers and promotions is also available on Domino’s Facebook page at

Today, Domino’s menu offers 29 specialty pizzas to choose from comprising chicken, beef, seafood and vegetables.
Over the years, Domino’s has introduced hundreds of new items on the menu which are not only limited to pizzas, but include new sauces, new crusts, side dishes as well as desserts.

Domino’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
As the world’s leading pizza delivery company, Domino’s is committed to providing customers with the ultimate 

pizza delivery experience with the following guarantees:

30-Minutes Delivery Guarantee!
Domino's guarantees your order will arrive within 30 minutes or we'll give you a free Regular Pizza voucher! *Terms Apply
Product Satisfaction Guarantee!
Domino's guarantees satisfaction! Your pizza and sides are guaranteed to be hot, fresh, and great tasting when they arrive at your doorstep, otherwise we'll replace your product or refund your money. *Terms Apply

15-Minutes Take-Away Guarantee!
Domino's guarantees you'll receive your Take-Away orders within 15 minutes or we'll give you a free Personal Pizza voucher! *Terms Apply

Free Delivery!
No extra charges.

It’s All About You
Our customers have been the inspiration for much of our efforts and continual improvements, be it for our products or services.
To this end, we recently rolled out our promise, ‘It’s All About You’.
Many know us as the pizza delivery experts and we remain the number one in this category. 

‘It’s All About You’ extends our commitment beyond the delivery service and we strive to offer the best Domino’s experience each time you think of having your favourite pizzas with us.

The arrival of Domino’s in Sabah is truly due to the power of the consumers’ voice. We heard you loud and clear and we could not be happier to be here.



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